HEICO-TEC® Webinar: Mechanical preloading of large bolt connections without special tools - Easy. Precise. Safe!


Event Type: Webinar
Language: English
Date: Thursday, 29 April 2021
Time: 08.00 - 08.45 a.m., 02.00 - 02.45 p.m., 05.00 - 05.45 p.m.
[GMT+2 - Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Amsterdam, Rom, Stockholm, Wien]
Speaker: Luke Reed, North American Sales Manager (HEICO Fasteners, Inc.)

In the heavy industrial environment, tightening large bolted joints presents multiple challenges to both the OEM and End User. Macro-sized nuts and bolts are generally used to secure parts on comparatively large, expensive and vital assemblies. Incorrect and inefficient tightening of large bolted joints should be avoided.
What is the best practice for mechanically preloading a large bolted connection? One that does not rely on special tools? A method that relies on pure tension without introducing negative torsional stresses? What method provides the ease, precision, repeatability and safety that other methods may not achieve?
Correctly tightening high-strength bolted connections on sizes larger than approximately ¾”-M20, with a traditional hand-held torque wrench, can be a major challenge. The torque values required to achieve a required preload are simply too high to ensure consistent accuracy by muscle power alone.
As bolt and nut diameters increase the relative torque values increase significantly. Clamp load is traditionally achieved (or not) using additional tools, some costly and sophisticated while others are inefficient, wildly inaccurate and archaic in comparison. In many cases electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic tightening tools/systems are used, which can add extremely high purchase, rental or third party contractor costs.
Our webinar will illustrate how to safely and reliably tighten the largest of bolted connections requiring only a standard socket and common torque wrench. At the conclusion, you will have a clear understanding of the mechanical advantages and elegant design found in our HEICO-TEC® family of tension nuts and reaction nuts.

Mr. Luke Reed, North American Sales Manager and fastening expert from HEICO Fastening Systems, will guide you through the webinar.

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08.00 - 08.45 a.m. GMT+2 [Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Amsterdam, Rom, Stockholm, Wien]

02.00 - 02.45 p.m. GMT+2 [Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Amsterdam, Rom, Stockholm, Wien]

05.00 - 05.45 p.m. GMT+2 [Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Amsterdam, Rom, Stockholm, Wien]

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