Product Overview

M Steel
Item No.
Box Qty
M12 HLK-12 13,0 24,0 200
M16 HLK-16 17,0 30,0 100
M20 HLK-20 21,0 37,0 100
M22 HLK-22 23,0 39,0 50
M24 HLK-24 25,0 44,0 50
M27 HLK-27 28,0 50,0 25
M30 HLK-30 31,0 56,0 25
M36 HLK-36 37,0 66,0 25
HEICO-LOCK® HLK-WASHERS - Torque Guidelines
M Steel
Item No.
Reduced standard
preload force
Fp,C,HLK [kN]
Modified torque method
Tightening torque
MA, HLK [Nm]
Modified combined method
Preliminary tightening torque 1)
M12 HLK-12 45 150 100
M16 HLK-16 80 330 210
M20 HLK-20 120 560 365
M22 HLK-22 145 730 475
M24 HLK-24 165 880 575
M27 HLK-27 200 1160 755
M30 HLK-30 252 1580 1030
M36 HLK-36 367 2530 1650

1) DIN EN 1993-1-8/NA, Table A.A.3 applies to the required further rotation angles ϑMKV

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