Assembly Template

Assembly is fast and simple with HEICO-TEC® Tension Nuts. In addition to assembly instructions, an assembly template is also available for the standard product range.

The template helps installers tighten the pressure bolts correctly. The template is attached to the tension nut. The pressure bolts are tightened in sequence, according to a colour system: For example, first the orange-coloured then the blue and finally the white. This cycle is repeated until the torque wrench indicates the required tightening torque is achieved.

For easy documentation, the required tightening torque can be noted on the template. This template can be archived with the date as proof the procedure was carried out correctly.

HEICO-TEC Montageschablone

Assembly Instructions


Soft Materials

The use of a larger and thicker incorporated load spreading washer will be required for use with soft materials (e.g. aluminum) or sensitive surfaces. HEICO can provide these incorporated washers on request.


Large Holes or Slots

The incorporated washer must be fully supported under the pressure pins, otherwise the washer could bend or break. In the case of large holes or slots, an additional supporting incorporated washer must be used.


Protruding Bolt Ends

If the bolt ends protrude too far through the joint an additional incorporated washer can be provided to position the HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut properly.