HEICO animal paddock

Time out with rheas and alpacas

The company's animal paddock, which is located next to the production building, serves as an oasis of wellbeing and relaxation for the employees at HEICO during their breaks and after work. The idea of having an animal paddock close to the factory and workers was the brainchild of managing director Jan Heimann, who was looking for a way to maintain the natural green spaces around the recently planted apple trees.

It started with West African pygmy goats and miniature sheep. A wide variety of other animal species have been introduced into the enclosure since then. In addition to goats and sheep, the paddock is now home to miniature donkeys, miniature horses and alpacas. The animals live together with chickens and rheas in a spacious enclosure that is part of the HEICO Chicken Bus trainee project.

This unconventional company facility is now bringing much delight to the HEICO family of employees, who can enjoy the exciting activities in the paddock during their breaks.

Apart from the grazing animals, the HEICO animal paddock also has two bee colonies. These ensure that the apple trees are pollinated, and the honey they produce is offered as a unique gift to our visitors under the label "HEICO Bärenhonig".

From time to time, the company invites school classes and kindergartens to visit in order to offer children practical learning experience about keeping and caring for the animals. We are always happy to receive such enquiries from schools.

You can also find more information about our animals on the Instagram profile of our trainees: www.instagram.com/heico_ense

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