Sustainability and responsibility

The HEICO Group has been offering its customers reliable solutions in the field of fastening technology since 1900. As a family-run company, our responsibilities include thinking about future generations. How will they live? What will their daily life look like? And how can HEICO, a traditional group, survive in a rapidly changing world?

One of the most important duties of our time is to make a contribution to a more sustainable economy and society. This also includes questioning yourself and rethinking solutions. Adaption and change have always been part of our 120-year history. That is why we look to the future with optimism and rise to this challenge - with new ideas, progressive thinking, innovative measures and an in-depth sustainability strategy.

What does sustainability mean for HEICO?

The concept of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. It refers to the use of resources that preserve the natural regenerative capacity of the planet's ecosystems.

But what does sustainability mean specifically for the HEICO Group?

Resource conservation

One of the pillars of our sustainability concept is the careful use of resources. We have implemented an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 for this purpose. This not only includes compliance with legal requirements, but also strives for continuous improvement in energy performance. Regular reviews of the strategic and operational energy targets help us to keep an eye on our goal.

A comprehensive re-planning of our measurement concept in the course of the current restructuring ensures that this will be even more transparent, more precise and more target-oriented in the future.

Energy efficiency

Our goal is to obtain 60% of the energy we need from renewable resources. The necessary measures will be in place by 2022. In addition, we are working hard to save on our total energy requirements. To help achieve this, the electroplating plant is being dismantled and will be replaced by a lacquer coating process for the upholstery nails facility.

In addition, we can save further energy in the future by reducing the compressed air through leakage tests.

Social commitment

Our sustainability strategy is not limited to ecological aspects. We are also aware of our social responsibility. That is why we support local associations and organisations and offer school classes, kindergartens and other institutions opportunities for practical lessons in cooperation with HEICO. Our HEICO animal paddock on the company premises in Ense-Höingen is an educational adventure for young and old.

Apprenticeship and in-house training

Sustainability is also reflected in the ongoing training programmes. Every year we not only offer a number of attractive training positions for young people, but also train existing colleagues through informative, specialised training programmes.

Health and safety at work

The wellbeing of our employees is important to us. Comprehensive occupational health and safety is therefore one of our top priorities. We comply with the regulations for general health and safety as well as for working hours and breaks in order to protect the health of our employees and prevent work-related illnesses.


Sustainability figures


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Dismantling of electroplating unit

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