Induction hardening technology

The HEICO Group offers modern induction hardening technology especially for small-sectioned mass products. With the help of the own mechanical engineering sector and the consultation of various specialists in the field of hardening technology, it has been possible to develop machines with a high process control as well as a high unit performance.

The inductive hardening process involves the appropriate, partial hardening of cold forged parts. With the help of this precise hardening process, special component requirements of the customers, especially regarding the surface hardness, can be optimally fulfilled. Customers appreciate this process, as it is possible to harden selectively highly stressed parts of the components. Therefore, individual customer requirements regarding extraordinary geometries of the components are fully practicable - everything from one single source!

The induction hardening systems of the HEICO Group apply in the medium and high frequency range. In addition, a tempering furnace is used, which helps to relax the parts and thus to prevent cracking. A 100% control with the eddy current testing also serves as an important tool for a high quality control. Another further advantage is the following metallography and structural analysis, which are proceeded in the technologically advanced, in-house testing laboratory by trained specialist personnel. The HEICO Group has a fully automatic hardness tester at their disposal, which operates in the test load range of 0.05 - 30 kg. In addition, the customers of the HEICO company have the option of receiving graphical test profiles and / or individual test reports, thus ensuring that the quality of the hardening process is up to their own requirements.

The entire inductive hardening process is fully controlled using modern process monitoring software. The induction hardening systems and the tempering furnace comply with the CQI-9 standard, which is necessary for the automotive industry concerning the evaluation of heat treatment processes. Furthermore, an adapted statistical process control is executed throughout the process. Another tool to provide HEICO Group customers an optimum quality of their hardened parts.

The future development, improvement and adaptation of the entire plant to modern technical standards is at the forefront of HEICO. The company's own toolmaking department provides the necessarily important key foundations. Tools and inductors can be produced independently and in-house by the qualified employees to match the requirements of the customer's order. For this, the customer can rely on the knowledge and skills of more than 100 years of cold forging experience. Together with the entire orientation of the company to the high quality standards of the automotive industry, a synergy effect is created from which all customers of the HEICO Group benefit sustainably and noticeably.

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