HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool

Due to its unique design, the HEICO-TEC® Tension Nut can be tightened and untightened by hand, making installation easy, reliable and safe.

For use in serial production, HEICO have developed the HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool. This tool allows the simultaneous tightening of all the pressure bolts, simply by the press of a button, without any additional force being required by the installation personnel.


Advantages of the HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool:

  • Simultaneous tightening of all the pressure bolts without any additional force being required
  • Multi-Tool is easily mounted using spring-loaded sockets
  • Existing hydraulic units can be used without any problem
  • For optimized serial applications

Design and Function

Aufbau Multi-Tool

The HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool is equipped with spindles for each pressure bolt which are driven hydraulically. This ensures that each pressure bolt is tightened with the exact same torque. With the HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool subsequent manual checking with a torque wrench, as is common with other tools, is no longer required, saving precious time.

The HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool is easily mounted using spring-loaded sockets. During further alignment of the tool the sockets snap in place automatically.

The HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool is driven by a hydraulic unit incorporating a pump, controls and an oil container. You can either use your existing hydraulic unit or purchase one from HEICO, if preferred.

The torque can be selected by adjusting the hydraulic pressure on a pressure valve. A helpful conversion table is provided along with any HEICO-TEC® Multi-Tool supplied.

Fields of application


railway industry


wind power


chemical industry